Fresh Greek Lunch Buffet

BuffetWe have our Homemade Buffet, Tuesday through Friday from 11am to 3pm. Again, the keyword is homemade which means we make it all right in the back kitchen and it’s served fresh everyday! It’s so fresh that sometimes my dad, the cook, doesn’t even know what to make until an hour before we open. I always have salad, our famous chicken lemon soup, bean soup, some grape leaves, tsatsiki sauce, and usually we have roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, orzo, and for the main dishes, roast chicken from the oven. Other then that, it’s pretty much whatever the cook, Dimitrios, feels like cooking that morning. We sometimes have our popular tuna au gratin, his delicious pesto pasta, and one of my favorites, the unforgettable, which is melted cheese and butter on potatoes! With these prices and this quality, you can’t find this anywhere else!

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